About Grateful People

My name is Mani and I started Grateful People with the intention of discovering and highlighting what people around the world are grateful for in their daily lives. My hope is that this will help all of us find new opportunities for gratitude in our own lives, and then to act on the gratitude in some shape or form.

As I began these interviews, another goal of Grateful People began to emerge, one that I think is no less important. There are many in our society who do heroic work in their jobs, families, and communities, but whose efforts too often go unacknowledged. These people deserve better. In interviewing these people, I hope you will join me in showing them thanks for their generosity of spirit and finding ways to support them.


About Mani Chandy

A few things I'm grateful for are my family and friends' kindness and support throughout my life, the public libraries where I often work, and the beautiful state and national forests and parks where I recharge in the beauty of nature (thank you to those who maintain them!). I have a certification in mindfulness facilitation from UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center and a B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Brown University. Please contact me at mani@gratefulpeople.com